Services Provide for first aid box

Services Provided to establish and maintain First Aid Boxes:

ISO NET will provide the following Services:

  • First Aid Box inspection
  • Supply of new First Aid box
  • Refilling of existing First Aid Box

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General remarks and comments:

  • Articles used for first aid purposes should always be replaced as soon as possible after it has been used.
  • The employer must perform regular inspections of the first aid boxes in the workplace to ensure that the boxes contain the prescribed ”minimum contents.’
  • Items contained in the box should also be inspected for expiry dates. All expired equipment should be discarded and replaced immediately.
  • A formal first aid register must be provided for the purpose of recording all incidents where first aid had to be provided.
  • A name list of the certified first aider(s) could also be kept in or near the first aid box.
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