Introduction to ISO NET Operational Managers

Introduction to all Our New Team - Operational Managers

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Introduction to ISO NET new way forward

I would like to introduce OUR Competent and Friendly Operational Managers as well as  ISO NET (PTY) LTD.

ISO NET (Pty) Ltd company is about RESULTS! Delivering results based on the client’s needs and objectives. ISO NET (Pty) Ltd is a solid and high performing investment into your business.  Our consultants are highly experienced, hands on, with Risk Practitioners ensuring that you get professional support, service and advice, but more importantly, a favourable return on your investment.

What we do:

  • There has been an alarming increase in litigation and fines against organisations, which have not complied with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This has resulted in higher volumes of insurance claims and premiums and a drastic increase in down time.  The risks and direct costs of those risks are far from negligible.
  • In order to ensure that effective Health and Safety standards and cost effective production are maintained, an effective Risk Control Management process, that is individually tailored to a specific industry/company’s profile, is needed.

Some of the Courses and Services we offer:

  • Health & Safety Officer Services
  • Compiling of a complete SHE system or file according to the Client’s requirements Security accessories
  • ISO Systems
  • Health, Safety and Quality Practitioner
  • ISO Standard – Saiosh & SAQA Courses
  • Soft Skills – Saiosh & SAQA Courses
  • Unit Standards – Saiosh & SAQA Courses
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Safety Officer Qualification – Saiosh & SAQA Courses
  • Construction Regulations
  • First Aid Courses
  • Online courses at your own pace which you can do from anywhere, home or office

Please have a look at our website , and to meet our competent, friendly Operational Manager team operating in your area to assist you and be part of ISO NET family.

Junior Safety Officer Qualification

Module 1: NQF Level 2 – Junior Safety Officer

  • Start with Module 1 to qualify as Junior Safety Officer:
  • 5 Day course: In Class / On Site as per your requirement.
  • One day will be a practical day where the candidate will get specific tasks to perform that must be signed off by the Course Moderator.
  • Theory and practical as per attached amount to R 7,700.00 for one person. Any additional candidates cost will be  R4,000.00 per person (providing the course runs simultaneously )
  • Part 1 will end up with a Practical Assessment and Exam.
  • Depending on your requirements the candidate can stop after implementing with Module 1 or then qualified to start with the second Module of the course to qualify as a SHE officer,

Module 2: NQF Level 3 SHE Officer

  • Start with Module 2 as SHE officer
  • 4 Day 5 course: In Class / On Site as per your requirement.
  • All practical’s must be signed off by the Course Moderator and be applicable and useful information as per company requirements.
  • Theory and practical as per attached presentation will amount to R 6,500.00 for one person.
  • Any additional candidates  cost will be  R3,500.00 per person (providing the course runs simultaneously )
  • Part 2 will end up with a Practical Assessment and Exam.

Students with prior experience can apply through ISO NET for  Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) witch also applies for the QCTO Qualification: Occupational Health and Safety Quality Practitioner Qualification Practioner SAQA ID: 99714

ISO NET & Vriende van Landbou TV

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Health & Safety Officer Services provided to Client

Health & Safety Officer Services provided to Clients

ISO NET provides the following Services:

  • Supply  Qualified or Competent Heath & Safety Officers on a contract base of employment
  • ISO NET (Pty) Ltd will manage and guide the contracted employee during the full contract period to ensure excellent Customer Services
  • Audits and Inspections will be done on the Contracted Member by ISO NET Management to ensure Compliance is achieved
  • ISO NET Management will ensure that the Contracted employee is well Qualified and Experienced as well as suitable in the field of experience as required

QCTO Qualification Parts or Bundle Options

To Purchase the QCTO Qualification, one can either buy it in PARTS, or one can buy the COMPLETE QUALIFICATION:

  • Part 1: Occupational Health and Safety Representative, NQF Level 2 (32 Credits) – R 7 200.00
  • Part 2: Full Time Health and Safety Representative / Occupational Health and Safety Assistant, NQF Level 3 (49 Credits) – R 5 850.00
  • Part 3 (Remainder of Modules): Occupational Health and Safety Quality Practitioner, NQF Level 5 (256 Credits) – R 9 450.00
  • Complete QCTO Qualification – Code: 226302001: Health, Safety and Quality Practitioner, SAQA ID: 99714 (All 3 Parts), NQF Level 5 (256 Credits) – R 22 500.00

COVID-19 Back to Work Package for Small to Medium Businesses

Companies and employers who have not prepared for COVID-19 events or returning to work should prepare themselves and their staff, in fact it is a directive from Government, as far as possible to mitigate the spread or potentially worsening COVID-19 outbreak conditions. A lack of clear continuity planning can and most probably will result in a cascade of failures, as employers attempt to address the challenges of COVID-19, with insufficient resources and with a workforce who are not be adequately trained for the measures needed and the jobs they have to perform under pandemic conditions. ISO NET (Pty) Ltd will provide the tools, knowledge and peace of mind with respect to the process of returning to work.

ISO NET provides the following essential Package for downgrading to Level 4 Lockdown status, which will commence on 1 May 2020:

COVID-19 in South Africa

The COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus Pandemic has swept the world and South Africa has not been spared, as we are all aware by now.

This disease is mainly believed to spread from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

These droplets can spread to the mouth, nose, eyes or hands of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for all of us to take steps to lower the risk of getting infected or of spreading the disease!

Site-Specific Safety File for all CLIENTS

We are constantly working on improving to keep up with what our CLIENTS Need!

Look at the SPECIALS we have available right now

  • ISO NET will compile a site-specific Safety File for all CLIENTS and training is included.
  • We at ISO NET pride ourselves in delivering only the best and most efficient quality of service that you can find on the market at the lowest cost and we will always put our Clients first.

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