Health & Safety Officer Services

Health & Safety Officer Services provided to Clients

ISO NET provides the following Services:

  • Supply  Qualified or Competent Health & Safety Officers on a contract base of employment
  • ISO NET (Pty) Ltd will manage and guide the contracted employee during the full contract period to ensure excellent Customer Services
  • Audits and Inspections will be done on the Contracted Member by ISO NET Management to ensure Compliance is achieved
  • ISO NET Management will ensure that the Contracted employee is well Qualified and Experienced as well as suitable in the field of experience as required

ISO NET (Pty) Ltd commits to meeting all our Client’s requirements and to exceed your expectations, with clear emphasis on Quality.

Services to Offer

Compiling of a complete SHE system or file according to the Client’s requirements or of the following applicable bullet points:

  • SHE Specifications
  • SHE Plan, Fatigue Management Plan, Traffic Management Plan, Fire Prevention Plan, Medical and Hygiene Plan, Risk Management Plan, Fall Protection Plan, Fall Rescue Plan and Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Organogram and Legal Appointments
  • SHE Policy, HIV Aids Policy, Alcohol and Drugs Policy, Personal Protective Equipment Policy, Smoking Policy, Fatigue Management Policy and Communication Policy
  • Incident/Accident Reporting Procedure
  • Incident/Accident Investigation Procedure
  • Emergency Telephone Numbers
  • Emergency Drills
  • Access Control Procedure
  • Construction Vehicle, Machinery and Plant Control Procedure
  • Procedure – Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions and Bees Encounters
  • Colour Coding Procedure for Portable Electrical Equipment
  • Electrical Lock Out Procedure
  • Electrical Work Permit Procedure
  • Substance Abuse Procedure
  • Hot Work Procedure
  • Baseline Risk Assessment
  • Issue based or Continuous Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Safe Operating/Work Procedures
  • Registers and Checklists
  • Incident Investigation Forms (WCL Forms included)
  • Daily Safe Task Instructions (DSTI’s) and Continuous Risk Assessments
  • SHE Meeting Minutes
  • Mandatory Agreements (Section 37.2)
  • SHE Induction Manual
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Internal and External Audits
  • Planned Task Observations (PTO’s)
  • Monthly Man Hours and SHE Stats
  • Monthly SHE Reports
  • Competent SHE Officers
  • Competent Environmental Officers
  • Pre-site establishment consultation
  • SHE meeting attendance on behalf of the Client or Contractor
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly legal compliance inspections and audits
  • SHE Presentations

For more information please contact our Staff:

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