Firearm License Motivations (Section 13, 15, 16 & 20)

Thank you on deciding to use ISO NET (Pty) Ltd for your Firearm License Motivation application. The ISO NET team wants to thank you for your continued support.


Firstly, you will receive an SAPS 271 Form from your Supplier were you bought the firearm containing all the relevant information regarding the new weapon. The SAPS 271 Form is the application form which must be submitted to the South African Police Services. You will also receive other supporting documents, including the SAPS 350 Form. Furthermore, a Motivation Document needs to be submitted with the application.

The ISO NET team can assist you with the firearm application process. ISO NET’s Firearm Motivations are services rendered to our clients in order to facilitate the application process. This service is useful to help with the relevant documentation for the application. We have all the necessary knowledge to assist with the initiation of the application process in the blink of an eye.

Feel free to contact us. The costs are basically as follows:

  • Section 13, 15 & 16 Applications cost R 600.00
  • Section 20 Applications cost R 3 500.00.

You can also contact us for other enquiries.

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The National Association of Responsible Firearm Owners (NARFO),  is an accredited hunting and sports shooting association in terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000. It is a non- political firearm owners’ association that strives to promote the right to legal firearm possession and the safe use of firearms by any law-abiding South African citizen for self-defence, sports shooting, hunting, recreational use, collection or production.


The CFR (Central Firearms Register) currently has a backlog with regards to the timely processing of SAPS 350 Forms, which importers and traders are obliged to submit weekly. Most traders usually send this Form electronically (via E-Mail) on the same day they receive stock. These Forms are often submitted faster than possible to process.

Despite the fact that processing of SAPS 350 Forms had been delayed for many years, a workable solution had nevertheless been provided. The DFO (Designated Firearms Officer) designated a Firearms Officer at the local police station, who has been authorized to catch up and to clear the processing backlog. The only requirement was that all the paperwork relating to SAPS 350 Forms had to be in order and was to be accompanied by the SAPS 271 Licence Application. Thus, the DFO was in a position to be positive that the firearm was included in the merchant system. Therefore, it was possible to continue reading License Applications onto the CFR computer system.

Very recently, however, the SVR unilaterally made a decision under which the procedure followed to catch up on the backlog was called to a halt and suspended. Currently, if the firearm does not appear on the merchant system, then the DFO is unable to proceed with the License Application or enter it into the computer system.

ISO NET unfortunately has no control over how long the License Application process will take.

PDF Firearm Motivation Checklist 270


You need a PDF Reader to be able to read the downloaded file, such as Adobe Acrobat DC.

Most computers will already have a PDF reader installed, it is after all one of the world’s favorite file formats used… and Smart Phones and pre-configured Tablets will already have generic PDF Readers installed.

You can download and install the FREE VERSION of the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader from the link below.

(Simply click on the image below to go to the official Download and Install Page of Adobe Acrobat Reader – but be careful to also remove ALL TICKS in the Install box and also under Optional offers before clicking on INSTALL, otherwise Google Chrome browser, Google Toolbar and Security Software like McAfee will also install by default!!)

OK, now you have Acrobat Reader, it is now time to download your Motivation Checklist and it is even more simple to do than Installing Acrobat Reader!

Click on image to download Motivation Checklist

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