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Information about ISO NET

There has been an alarming increase in litigation and fines against organisations, which have not complied with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This has resulted in higher volumes of insurance claims and premiums and a drastic increase in down time.  The risks and direct costs of those risks are far from negligible.

In order to ensure that effective Health and Safety standards and cost effective production are maintained, an effective Risk Control Management process, that is individually tailored to a specific industry/company’s profile, is needed.

ISO NET (Pty) Ltd company is about RESULTS! Delivering results based on the client’s needs and objectives.  ISO NET (Pty) Ltd is a solid and high performing investment into your business.  Our consultants are highly experienced, hands on, with Risk Practitioners ensuring that you get professional support, service and advice, but more importantly, a favourable return on your investment.


A commitment to sustainability and to acting in a friendly way, enhancing value offered to our clients.

A commitment to innovation and excellence, thus offering our clients turnkey, simplified solutions reducing risk and improving productivity.

To always conduct our business practices and ourselves in an open and transparent manner, maintaining impartiality and fairness in all business dealings.

To always, uphold the core ethics and principles of consulting, implementation and auditing as prescribed by the International Standards.

To govern our business practices following the KEY good governance principles of FAIRNESS, OPENNESS, TRANSPARENCY.


To enable, enhance and develop Africa to compete globally by providing ISO Quality Management Systems to implement and therefore working hand in hand with the CEO/Management to fill the gap, using both online and in-class training.  We also work hand in hand with all employees to provide the necessary training with regards to all documentation and hand them the knowledge to keep the implementation up to date, depending on client’s specific needs in associated services.


Developing, Implementing and Maintaining a System for the effective Management of Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Risk which drives continuous improvement.

Ensuring continual improvement in the Management of Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Risk performance by setting and reviewing clear objectives, plans and measurable targets.

Identifying and eliminating or mitigating immediate hazards and potential hazards to the Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Risk arising from its activities.

Complying with all relevant legislation and standards. Where appropriate, applying industrial best practice standards.

Protecting, promoting and maintaining the Health and Safety of all stakeholders in its areas of operation.

Protecting the environment, preventing pollution and ensuring vigorous controls on environmental impacts.

Meeting agreed customer requirements and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction with our products and services.

Providing necessary resources, training, standards and support to ensure compliance with this policy.

Being guided by ISO NET’s values, and where appropriate, engaging with key stakeholders on relevant matters.

Honesty and Integrity

We practise the highest level of honesty and integrity in our dealings with each other and with our clients, suppliers and our community. We do not engage in or tolerate unethical behaviour or fraudulent practices. We make fair and transparent decisions and explain them clearly.

Client Focus and Sustainable relationships

Clients are the focus of everything we do. We develop solutions for them, with them in mind. We strive for excellence in every aspect of what we do and deliver for our clients. We share a personal responsibility to maintain our clients’ loyalty and trust. We listen and respond to our clients and seek to meet and exceed their expectations.

Quality and Excellence

We are determined to deliver quality and achieve excellence in all we do. Excellence is reflected by how we conduct ourselves as individuals and as a company. It is reflected in the quality of the solutions we develop for our clients and the value they receive from our products and services.

Pride and Respect

We treat all people as equals with dignity, respect and fairness. We take pride in everything that we do. We carry ourselves with the pride that comes from respecting ourselves and others.

Safety and Social Responsibility

We embed safety thinking and social responsibility in everything that we do. We operate in communities, which have placed their trust in us and are dedicated to protecting people, property, and the environment from harm, through suitable processes.


In line with the VISION and MISSION the following objectives have been defined for the business:

Achieve continuous market share growth

Be the preferred compliance service provider for the markets in which we operate

Develop skills and resources to provide professional services to our clients

Innovate through technical solutions

Critical Success Factors

The following keys will drive the success of ISO NET (Pty) Ltd:

Empowering our employees to operate at high levels of service provision

By treating all clients equal and all business requests with the same commitment (high)

Competitive advantage

Experienced management team with an excellent track record

Vast Network within Africa

Specialized companies under the ISH group of companies



ISO NET would like to thank you for reading the contents above.
We commit to meeting all our clients requirements and exceed their expectations, with clear emphasis on quality.

Sanet Henning

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